Chef's Recommendations

Crab Rangoon
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Spicy Tuna
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Avocado Spicy Snow Crab
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Shrimp Tempura Temaki
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Our colored plate system presents you with a variety of sushi to choose from. Blue Plates include favorites such as Futo Maki and Ume Maki. A Green Plate can have Spicy Tuna, California rolls, or Tekka Maki. You can order the Crab Rangoon or the Shrimp Tempura Temeke on a Pink Plate. And our Red Plates offer you delicious choices of sushi such as Shrimp Tempura and Avocado Spicy Snow crab. Of course each plate has much more sushi to offer, so come in find the right one for you.

Take-out orders include an assortment of sushi comprised of different combinations and sizes. We have smaller takes comprised of four types of sushi. Prices start as low as $4.60 ranging up to $42.95 for our 60 piece platter.


Blue Plate $1.69
Green Plate $2.09
Pink Plate $2.69
Red Plate $3.89
Deserts $2.09 and up
Take 1 $42.95
Take 2 $35.95
Take 3 $27.95